I am a person (he/him) from the UK and currently based somewhere between cyberspace and my coffee table.

I recieved a BSc in Physical Geography from Royal Holloway in 2021, with specialisations in glaciology and climate change. I've had experience through academia with languages like Java and Python. Additionally, I am competent in working with GIS and photogrammetry software like Photoscan and Meshroom. Currently, I am on a gap year, which is another polite way of saying that I am unemployed.

I take photographs thorough both digital and film mediums. Mainly, my main focuses are on capturing what's in the now and the absurdities of life. Or whatever I see in front of me.

My main intrests are in film, philosophy and music. You might see me alternate between discussing and ranting about this on my blog when I'm in the mood to write.

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